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The end of our 2016 Series has now come to a close. We'd like to wish all of our viewers a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your support which has made us the Number One Tourism and Lifestyle show in South Australia. Remember for on going updates please follow us on social media.

The SALIFETV team hopes that you’ll all be able to enjoy some time out exploring our wonderful state this Summer and we look forward to joining you again with a brand new series in 2017.

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What's on in December /January

Amelia Mulcahy has compiled a list of some of the things you won’t want to miss this Summer.

Port Elliot - Some Fun Facts!

It’s no wonder so many of us love Port Elliot, a seaside town with great cafes, funky shops and stunning Horseshoe Bay. Grant Cameron gives us an historical tour of this lovely little town.

Summer Treats

Callum Hann was asked to come up with cool and sweet treat ideas for summer and for him - that means fresh fruit.

South Australian Tourism Industry Award Winners

Kelly Golding takes a look at some of the winners from the recent South Australian Tourism Awards. And we also look back on a few of our favourite stories from the past year.

Roses For a Reason

Michael Keelan investigates some blooming good reasons to give the gift of a rose.

Adelaide's West End Bars

Kelly Golding spends the evening sampling some of the best small bars in Adelaide's west end.

Christmas Pudding Scottish Style

Jane Maul of Abbotsford Country House invites Callum to join a mixing session and learn some tips on how to make a traditional Christmas Pudding.

Coffee Palaces of Adelaide's Past

Grant Cameron takes a look back at our city’s impressive Coffee Palaces.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

Briony Hume investigates the brand new Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. Sixty kilometres of natural wonderland inside parks and protected areas has now been opened up to walkers.