Nirvana Organic Farm - Raspberries






Callum: I love coming up to the Adelaide Hills, I feel like every time I come here there’s something new to discover around every corner. And coming into this time of year, the festive season, it’s all about summer fruit for me, so today, I’ve come to find a little bit more about raspberries.

Nirvana Organic farm in Heathfield is a 4 and half hectare property that’s quite literally heaven on earth for owners Deb Cantrill and Quentin Jones. For over 30 years they’ve worked the land, sharing the fruits of their labour with the public.

Deb: Nirvana Farm is a holistic farm, provides produce as well as farm tours, workshops, and also general experience of sustainable lifestyle.

Callum: The annual harvest includes chestnuts, walnuts, feijoas, kiwifruit, plums, gooseberries, elderberries blackcurrants and these delicious raspberries.

Callum: What does organic mean to you?

Deb: It really means that holistic farming system. It doesn’t mean a mono crop, it means a mixed farming system, where everything interacts, and it’s not all about making money, it’s about having quality produce, but also having quality land and soil as well.

Callum: I discovered that more than 200 varieties of Raspberries exist and they’re actually related to roses! The fruit needs cool nights to ripen and that’s why they grow so well in the hills.

Callum: What sorts of things do you like to make with them?

Deb: Well I like them in salads, so at the beginning of the season because tomatoes don’t ripen here until February, so to get some red colour in our salads, we always put fruit.

Callum: Raspberry season runs generally from December through to January – If Nirvana’s roadside sign is out, call in and pick up a punnet.