Grill the Chef - Brenton Loughnan at Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante!






Your earliest cooking memory?

Brenton: Probably in the early to mid-seventies; my mum was a bit of a whiz with the pavlova which was a pretty big dish back then I think. So we had our fair share of pavlova making in our house.

Your restaurant’s point of difference?

Brenton: Amalfi... I just think it’s the hustle bustle environment here at Amalfi that really is unique - and the food sort of reflects that too. Where do you eat out?

Brenton: Restaurants for us have to be a bit family friendly these days and I guess our favourite is the Vietnam down on Addison Road and we’ve been going there for many, many years and yeah we love it down there.

One ingredient you could not do without?

Brenton: Have to be garlic I think.

What do you cook at home?

Brenton: Umm I like to do a little bit of Thai cooking, obviously a lot of Italian here in my working day, but we like to cook a bit of Thai food at home. What’s in the home garden?

Brenton: Lemon grass, and we have mint, and chillies, corn, tomatoes, and ah just depends on what the kids want to grow that year. They sort of dictate the garden.

Your food treat?

Brenton: Marzipan. I love marzipan.

Your pet peeve?

Brenton: Paying for water in a restaurant. Paying for tap water I think is outrageous.

If you weren’t a chef?

Brenton: Look I’m interested in building; I don’t know, maybe a builder or a building trade of some sort possibly. Yeah I can carry bricks, couple on each. The best advice you’ve received?

Brenton: Work hard when no-one’s looking. I don’t know. That was, I use to play Rugby and I guess that was more of a quote about training, training hard when people aren’t watching you.