Grill the Chef! Cath Kerry at the Art Gallery Restaurant






What sets your restaurant apart?

We try to love coming to work, we love food, and I think that shows up in our food and our approach to our customers.

Your top ingredients?

I would say garlic, saffron, various spices like cumin, and probably black pepper because I’m not a chilli fan, and I love the heat you can get from black pepper.

What’s always in your fridge?

Always butter, always.

A good butcher?

I do go to the market for meat, ah because there’s a fabulous butcher there called Feast, and I’m not a vegetarian, so I look at his array of meat, and it is so mouth-watering.

Great fruit and veg?

Fruit and vegetables from my local in prospect, and sometimes I’ve been to the Farmers Market at Wayville Showgrounds, because sometimes you need a better tomato, if you’re not growing any at the moment or an interesting potato, or free range pork or one of the many things they have there, it’s a real treat.

Quick and easy snack?

No! I don’t do a quick and easy, no! Nothing’s quick and easy, effort is a dirty word in 2011. No, everything I do I put some effort into it, and there’s just the two of us, and we have a 2 to 3 course meal every night and we’re worth it.

A life lesson?

I saw that I needed to be more understanding to people who didn’t share my knowledge and my passion. And so I think that’s the big thing that I’ve changed in myself is being a little bit more tolerant to people who can’t eat this, and who don’t like that.

Your pet peeve?

I will not tolerate people who book for a number of people say 5 or 6 people, and don’t turn up with that number but don’t let you know. That’s incredibly rude.

In another life?

I’d probably end up designing shopping centres, but really I would have loved to have been an architect… Or a psychoanalyst!