Grill the Chef! Tony Carroll from Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant






Tony Carroll – Jolleys Boat House Restaurant

Why did you become a chef?

I think I was one of Margaret Thatchers inner city youth problems! Left school, too young for the dole, so I went on a training scheme, one of those schemes was cooking, & there was quite a few girls in there, so we popped in there, me & a few friends, & from that point it all just fell into place.

What’s the Jolleys style?

You can come in for a bowl of pasta & a glass of red, or 5 courses, we’re many things to many people. But the key for everyone is to feel relaxed, enjoy themselves.

Your top restaurant ingredients?

Fresh fish, fresh fish, aged meat, more fresh fish, Snapper, Flathead, Squid, as long as its fresh, prepared simply, it can be Asian, it can be Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, just needs to be fresh & really good.

What’s in your fridge at home?

Cold beer, meatballs, the wife’s speciality – always good for a midnight snack. Ah lots of basil, chilli, chilli sauce, butter, real butter, none of that spreadable soft stuff, and cheese, lots of cheese.

Where do you shop for home?

I don’t. My wife does all the shopping. (laughs) I’m not trusted with the shopping I buy all the wrong things & the kids hate it so.

Your favourite treat?

A nice piece of ripe Brie. Soft and oozing with some nice biscuits or bread.

Where do you eat out?

Again, anywhere that serves good food which is kid friendly. Parwana on Henley Beach Road, Vietnam on Addison Road, Aquacaf down at Goolwa, just good food but the kids can sit there as well without being looked down upon. (10:40) And Jolleys of course, because my kids always come in here & eat.

A chef you admire?

Yeah, there’s a few. I think people like Neil Perry is an amazing guy, the energy of the man really spins me out. Does Neil Perry sleep? I don’t think so!

In another life?

If I was smart enough, I would have liked to have been a doctor, or something, you know, or something like an emergency room or a war zone or something.. or just doing something really important, you know, helping people.

Best advice you’ve received?

Enjoy it. At the end of the day you’re only cooking someone’s dinner. It’s not life & death.

One thing you cant live without?

Butter. Butter, butter, butter and lots of it. In everything!