Adelaide Central Markets- Spice king






Michael: Spices have been part of our culinary life for thousands of years, it’s hard to imagine sitting down to a meal which doesn’t include a spice of some description. In this month’s SA Life Magazine we feature spices, but today I’m at the Adelaide Central Market and there’s a place here that has an amazing selection

Anouar: If you don’t have spices you don’t have flavour

Anouar Senah is a true spice guru… with an enthusiasm that’s infectious.. So if you stop at Taste Of Marrakesh for a chat I guarantee you’ll come away with a whole new appreciation for these exotic flavour essentials

Anouar: When you buy spices you got to know what goes with which food.. that’s why people come to me..I give them advice. Let’s say you want to cook Paella you need saffron. If you don’t have saffron it’s not going to be Paella. Let’s say chicken goes with ginger, onion. Fish go with paprika, cumin and garlic Michael: Anouar says that when it comes to spice whole and fresh is best for flavour.. like these vanilla beans from Africa..

Anouar: So my best spice here is Moroccan special- Ras El Hanout. This is like the king of spices in the world… there’s nowhere in the world that’s got 22 spices together. Ok, we got garam masala India it’s got 6 or 7. We got seven spice… Chinese we have five spice, but you don’t have 22 spices.

Michael: Anouar I know we’re talking spices here today but I can’t help notice the preserved lemon.

Anouar: Ahh! That’s my treasure there.. it’s lemons from South Australia we tell people if you have lemons you don’t know what to do bring in and we give you stock.

Michael: You trade lemons ..that people grow.

Anouar: We still doing it all the way.

Unfortunately, here in South Australia we just haven’t the climate to grow spices except for chilli, garlic and ginger…but what we can do well is grow herbs. So why not think about the cuisines you enjoy and grow some herbs at home?

For example...Thai food staples like lemongrass and coriander…. or perhaps a curry bush or tree for Indian. Think thyme and tarragon for French, and basil, oregano, bay and marjoram for Italian.

This is my Kaffir lime at home. I’ve espaliered it to create a wonderful living feature..we use the leaves fruit and zest in so many dishes that I can’t imagine being without it.

Other essentials? Rosemary - so versatile.. and a great idea is to use the long sticks as skewers.

Other all rounders include mint, parsley, chives, chilli, garlic and sage and they all grow well here in South Australia.

If you don’t have a herb garden come into the market or head to your local nursery and be inspired. Get started now and you’ll be all set for spring and summer