The Magical work of Linda Catchlove






The meticulous, magical work of Adelaide artist Linda Catchlove melds the exacting techniques of botanic illustration with the enchantment of an imagined world. It’s now on show as part of Carrick Hill’s current exhibition “Spectacular Tree Stories”. And it’s a testament to an extraordinary eye for detail, a very steady hand, and, when it comes to tracking down her subjects, the instincts of an explorer.

Linda: Generally I go out in the bush and I could spend hours around a certain area, often not sort of moving much I’m in the shrub, finding the bugs, photographing the creatures and the plant specimens. I just love it, it’s just there and I’m in heaven!

With a background in graphic design, Linda went on to study horticulture and botanic art so she could pursue her passion for Australian flora. Working first in pencil, then in watercolour, she may take anything up to a year to complete a larger piece. Some of her subjects even become family pets in the studio, as well as models!

Briony: It’s easy to see how Linda can find inspiration in nature, but what about those fairies? Well ten years as an artist at the Disney Animation Studios in Sydney has honed her eye for character.

Linda: I’ve always loved fairies, and that fantasy aspect to work and I always have ever since I was a teenager, probably a child as well. I have a great passion for the plants that I’m painting and I also have a great passion for the fantasy side in my head, and they just seem to come together in my work without me actually trying.

Linda’s exquisite flights of fancy remain on show at Carrick Hill until November 13 .