Carrick Hill Storybook Trail and Special Exhibitions






Carrick Hill has such a fantastic Fairy tale feel to it, and it’s a great place for children to dive right in to their favourite fables and fantasies. I’m taking a wander along the Storybook Trail which meanders its way through the grounds here.

Elephants stand sentinel, ready to take part in a Kipling Jungle Book adventure… and a Wind-in-the-Willows escapade could unfold in any active mind, with Ratty’s boat moored nearby. Or you may just find your way into Narnia, and pop up near the lamp post, where Aslan the lion will be waiting.

The walk gives youngsters a chance to re-imagine some classic children’s tales plus work off a little bit of excess energy into the bargain. You can pick up a map for the walk when you arrive at Carrick Hill, or find one on the website. Remember admission to the grounds is absolutely free. Each installation along the storybook walk has a small interpretive sign, which sets the scene and adds tasks and clues to present a little challenge.

From literature, to the visual art you’ll also discover some artistic gems inside the main house, so leave time to browse selected works from the Heywards’ British, French and Australian collections.

Carrick Hill also mounts special exhibitions & you can find out exactly what’s on by checking their website. This is the work of local artist Kathleen Sauerbier and it’s on display until June the 26th.

Sauerbier was one of the first artists to capture the Fleurieu Peninsular with a modernist approach – broad brushstrokes and a focus on light, colour and form, she lived for some time at Port Willunga, and many of her landscapes capture that iconic stretch of coastline. The Heyward’s admired Sauerbier’s work so it’s perhaps fitting that her paintings have been brought together for exhibit at Carrick Hill, another valuable part of South Australia’s history.