Grill the Chef! Mark McNamara at Appellation






What’s the Appellation ethos?

The core value, it’s about firstly being in a wine region, so our food is about being wine friendly, so that in itself really defines that it’s really European influenced, it’s not a European cuisine, you can’t say that it’s French or its Italian, but it’s classical cooking.

Your menu choices?

It’s grounded on the produce of the season, so we have a kitchen garden, we started doing that about 5 years ago and we expanded it 2 years ago, and the kitchen garden informs what’s going to be on the menu. Your favourite wine? I love off dry Riesling, so we make some good ones here but particularly the wines in Germany. Love that style of Riesling. And I like, something I’m going to get shot in the Barossa for saying, but I really love good Pinot.

5 things in your home fridge?

Butters always the first one, eggs, probably mushrooms of some sort, ham, is that five? Mustard is the other one probably, there’s always some sort of mustard there, so it’s a very Anglo palette!

Snacking at home?

A quick easy snack is normally an egg. But at home we tend to because we’re so wine focused here, and my favourite foods are generally spicy foods, they don’t form a part of what we do here on a daily basis, so at home we eat a lot of what I’d call South East Asian Food.

Where do you eat out?

I’ll eat anywhere. I’m not, we ah did a little tour of the states last year looking at similar places to our property here, and we ate the highest level in the land if you like, and I’m quite happy to go down to a little Vietnamese Family Restaurant in Torrensville or whatever.

In another life?

One stage I was interested in Science, so Pharmacy or something like that, and I guess it’s much the same thing, taking compounds and doing things with them, but I think it would have to be creative.

The best advice you’ve received?

Follow your dreams. Don’t be put in a pigeon hole that you can only do this, if you want to do this and I’m a pretty strong believer people can do, within reason, anything they set their mind too.