Summer Treats

Callum Hann was asked to come up with cool and sweet treat ideas for summer and for him - that means fresh fruit.

Do It Yourself Halloumi

How to make Halloumi! Rosa Matto shows us all the tips and tricks to do it yourself – this delicious and uniquely grillable cheese is a family favourite for good reason.

Tomahawk Steak - Meat From the Stoneage!

These days’ local butchers are specialising in different cuts and this is one that’s certain to impress any steak-lover!

Yummy Sticky Beef Ribs!

Rosa Matto cooks up her mouth-watering Sticky Beef Ribs. A fall-off-the-bone, sweet and sticky dish that’s hard to resist.

Yummy Choc Cherry Fondants!

Rosa Matto brings us some Choc Cherry heaven with her Fondants!

Stuffed Baby Squid With Warm Vegetable Salad

Rosa Matto cooks a Greek inspired Spring seafood dish. Her Stuffed Baby Squid served with a warm Vegetable Salad will have you thinking of the warmer days ahead!

Quindim - Sweets From the Streets of Brazil!

Rosa Matto bakes her take on the Quindim – a popular sweet treat from the streets of Brazil!

Coxinha - Brazilian Street Food!

Rosa makes Coxinha, or savoury chicken croquette; a popular Brazilian snack, with delicious dough shaped into a drumstick around a creamy chicken filling, then battered and fried.

Apples Stuffed with Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork

We all know that apples and pork are a great food pairing so imagine slow baked apples stuffed with delicious slow-cooked pulled pork!

Rosa's Delightful Pear and Ricotta Cake

Rosa Matto bakes a creative cake using perfect Adelaide Hills Pears.

Wholesome Winter Vegetable Pie with Cashew Cream

Rosa Matto bakes a delicious dish for all diets with her Winter Vegetable Pie.

Crown Rack of Lamb

Rosa Matto revives a regal roast with her Crown Rack of Lamb. This

Mother's Day Chinese Dumplings with Ginger Dipping Sauce

Rosa Matto demonstrates how easy it is to make an Asian Favourite at home with a Chinese Dumpling recipe that dates back through the history of one Hong Kong family.

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Rosa Matto shares a traditional pumpkin pie recipe passed down through an American family for generations.

Rosa’s Sausage and Mascarpone Frittata

Rosa’s Sausage and Mascarpone Frittata is a quick meal that’s so tasty, we just know it will become an instant solo-meal favourite.

Lobster and Pink Grapefruit Salad

Rosa Matto shares an easy summer recipe that’s ideal to make when it’s too hot to cook, a refreshing Lobster Salad with Pink Grapefruit.

Rosa's Whole Baked Snapper with Herbs, Nuts and Lemon.

Rosa Matto prepares a delicious fish, fit for the festive season with her Whole baked snapper with herbs, nuts and lemon.

Rosa's Panettone and Mascarpone Trifle

Rosa Matto whips up a twist on a traditional festive favourite with her Panettone and Mascarpone Trifle.

Baked Ham in Bread Dough

Chef Rosa Matto cooks up a deliciously different festive season favourite with her Baked Ham in Bread Dough.

Smoked Salmon Parcels and Caper Madeleines

Chef Rosa Matto makes some bite sized savouries to share in spring and summer.

Rosa's Gin Fizz Prawns

Rosa Matto shows us some clever cocktail canapes to make at home with her Gin Fizz Prawns.

Riverland Citrus and Honey Slice

Rosa Matto bakes a tangy slice of the Riverland with her Citrus Slice.

Rosa's Spanish Picnic Eggs

Chef Rosa Matto makes a special treat perfect for a spring picnic – Spanish Eggs

Shakshuka - Eggs Baked in Tomatoes

Rosa cooks Shakshuka - a traditional Middle Eastern meal of eggs baked in tomato. Perfect for brunch!

Rosa's Impressive Checkerboard Cake

Today, Rosa Matto bakes a very impressive sweet treat … her Checkerboard Cake. A great cake to bring out for any occasion or simply just because!

Rice Timbales

. Rosa Matto demonstrates how to make Rice Timbale’s – a perfect entrée!

Heavenly Chocolate Truffles

Rosa Matto makes 3 types of gorgeous chocolate truffles!

Delicious Spiced Lamb Cutlets

Rosa Matto spices things up in her kitchen this winter. In SALife Magazine this month Spices are the star and one dish which will brighten up the dinner table this winter is Rosa’s delicious lamb cutlets.

Maklouba (Upside down rice)

Rosa demonstrates her take on a Persian Maklouba – an “Upside Down Rice” dish which is just perfect for a casual dinner with family and friends.

Rosa's Plum Danish

Rosa Matto preserves some old traditions with her perfect Plum pastries!

Rosa's Iced Chocolate Christmas Pudding

Rosa’s Iced Chocolate Christmas Pudding with glace fruits and almonds is a delicious alternative to a traditional favourite.

Turkey Breast with Chestnut and Spinach Stuffing

Chef Rosa Matto prepares a traditional Christmas turkey – with a twist!

Rosa's Black Sticky Rice and Coconut with Mango Cream

Rosa Matto evokes the flavours of Thailand in her wonderful Asian Sticky Rice Coconut Custard and Mango.

Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for tasty Thai Fish Cakes.

Rosa's Cheese Souffle Roulade

Chef Rosa Matto makes a perfect savoury slice for a picnic or platter with her cheese soufflé roll.

Rosa's Kataifi

Chef Rosa Matto prepares her take on Kataifi – a popular Middle Eastern dessert.

Rosa's Pulled Pork Sliders

Chef Rosa Matto makes her version of Pulled Pork Sliders...the latest hot food trend to be found in pop-up food vans and gourmet cafes across the country.

Pistachio and Cranberry Bark

Chef Rosa Matto's Pistachio and Cranberry Bark is a wonderful after dinner snack with tea of coffee.

Chicken Biryani with Fragrant Rice and Cucumber Raita

Chef Rosa Matto makes an irresistible dish from India - Chicken Biryani.

Rosa's Delicious New York Baked Cheesecake

Rosa's Home Cooked Gnocchi

Chef Rosa Matto’s makes perfect pillows of potato! Rosa shows us some simple steps for an Italian Classic – Gnocchi.

Rosa's delicious Honey Ginger Sponge

Chef Rosa Matto whips up a sweet sponge with a touch of spice. Her Honey Ginger Sponge could be your next family favourite!

Rosa's Hearty Cassoulet

Chef Rosa Matto cooks up a classic French favourite that’s fantastique! A Cassoulet is a hearty dish for winter and a meat-lover’s paradise.

Slow Cooked Quince with Homemade Cheese

When they come into fruit Quinces can be used for all sorts of delicious purposes and today Rosa Matto combines quinces with a sweet homemade cheese recipe.

Rosa's Delicious Pear and Frangipane Flan

Autumn has arrived and Chef Rosa Matto makes the most of delicious Adelaide Hills pears by baking a delicious Pear and Frangipane flan. Perfect with a cuppa or as a dessert!

Paskha- a Traditional Russian Easter Dessert

Many cultures have traditional Easter celebration dishes; today Chef Rosa Matto demonstrates how to make “Paskha, a cheesecake dessert dish with a name that literally translates as “Easter” in Russian.

Rosa's Delicious Arancini

Chef Rosa Matto rolls out a risotto treat with a twist with her Arancini.

Rosa's Seafood Terrine

Rosa makes a Seafood Terrine which is so simple that it can be made days ahead, and simply taken from the fridge to serve your guests.

Rosa's Prawn and Crab Salad with Pickled Cucumber

Chef Rosa Matto whips up the perfect summer recipe - a Crab and Prawn Salad with a Tropical sauce.

Rosa's Aussie Christmas Bombe Alaska

Chef Rosa Matto presents a stunning festive dessert - an Aussie Christmas Bombe Alaska!

Adelaide Hills Cherries and Callum's Cherry Sorbet

Callum Hann whips up a quick Cherry Frozen dessert that’s a cross between a granita and a sorbet – the perfect summery dessert!

Rosa's Irresistable Portuguese Custard Tarts

Have you noticed those gorgeous little Portuguese Custard Tarts in some of Adelaide’s café’s? Today Chef Rosa Matto shows us how to make these irresistible tasty treats.

Rohde's Free Range Eggs

Callum Hann cals into Rohde’s Eggs at Tarlee to find out what makes this family farm so special. While visiting this five star resort for happy hens, Callum also whips up his version of Scrambled Eggs!

Rosa's Chicken Skewers

Chef Rosa Matto presents some hot tips for the Barbeque season. Based on a Southern Indian recipe and using fresh Coriander and South Australian Yoghurt her BBQ Chicken Skewers are a fabulous addition to any alfresco cook up.

Perfect Paella!

The perfect meal for entertaining? Paella! Chef Rosa Matto cooks up a Spanish Paella using fresh South Australian seafood and artisan chorizo from the Adelaide Hills.

Rosa's Raspberry and Vanilla Biscuits

Chef Rosa Matto revisits an old fashioned recipe - Raspberry vanilla biscuits. Rosa’s special ingredient for these delicious treats? South Australian Beerenberg Jam of course!

Rosa's Mediterranean Lamb Pasta

Today Chef Rosa Matto cooks a meal which people can create at home using ingredients which they can collect when they follow a new Food Trail at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Rosa's Choko Duck Salad

Chef Rosa Matto’s takes a fresh approach to the unfamiliar when she makes a Vietnamese Choko Duck Salad. Chokos are often overlooked but their fresh crisp texture combines perfectly with Asian Duck.

Casa Carboni Enoteca and Cooking School

Briony Hume takes a lesson in pasta making at Casacarboni, a new enoteca and cooking school in Angaston, where Italian dishes are lovingly created with exceptional Barossa produce.

Rosas's Banana Toffee Upside Down Cake

Chef Rosa Matto bakes a clever cake that’s hard to resist - her Banana Caramel Upside Down Cake!

Rosa's Simple Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Orange Butter

Chef Rosa Matto cooks a succulent spin on a family favourite with a Simple Roast Chook recipe from her new cookbook. Rosa has some tips which will guarantee that your next roast chicken at home will be memorable.

Rosa's Authentic Malaysian Laksa

Rosa demonstrates how easy it is to make an authentic Malaysian Laksa at home using fresh and traditional ingredients. You’ll never buy store-bought paste again!

Rosa's Beef Cheek and Coopers Ale Pie

Chef Rosa Matto presents her perfect Beef Cheek and Coopers Ale Pie. A perfect winter warmer. Set aside a wet and wild afternoon to cook this sure-fire hit.

Rosa's Garfish Rolls

Chef Rosa Matto’s swish Garfish Rolls! Garfish is a popular and tasty local catch which lends itself to a variety of dishes. Rosa adds a few special ingredients before rolling and baking her fillets. The end result is a perfect entrée for a d

Rosa's Orange and Potato Doughnuts

Rosa Matto cooks a sweet treat using the world’s most versatile veggie, the potato : Orange and Saffron Potato Doughnuts. These delicious zesty treats will be a hit with the whole family.

Rosa's Pasta Roulade

Chef Rosa Matto is back in the kitchen and this week she draws on her Italian heritage to turn out a Pasta Roulade. This “pasta with a difference” presents wonderfully for a buffet or main course and you could easily adapt the basic recipe to

Rosa's Rhubarb and Berry Dacquoise

A Dacquoise is known as a tricky dessert to make but not when you gather up some extra hands to help. Rosa’s Rhubarb and Berry Dacquoise recipe not only debunks the myth of the “difficult cake” it’s a fun thing for all the girl

Rack of Lamb with Almond and Parsley Crust

Chef Rosa Matto cooks up an Autumn treat with her Rack of Lamb with almond and parsley crust served with brussels sprouts, mushroom and bacon. This earthy and rich seasonal recipe makes a perfect dinner party centrepiece.

Rosa's Glazed Christmas Ham

A Glazed Christmas Ham truly is the showpiece of the family Christmas buffet table and Chef Rosa Matto’s version is guaranteed to impress using all South Australian ingredients… Skara Ham and Beerenberg Products from the Adelaide Hills and be

Boiled Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter and Sauce

With Christmas just around the corner Chef Rosa Matto gives us some tips and techniques for making your own Christmas Pudding, just like Grandma use to make!

Asparagus and Haloumi Salad

Chef Rosa Matto shows how to make the most of spring asparagus! Her Haloumi and Asparagus Salad is a quick and easy meal perfect for a light lunch or to accompany a BBQ.

Rosa's Toffee Berry Tarts

We’re now heading into Berry Season and Chef Rosa Matto has a wonderful way to make the most of South Australia’s next bumper crop. Her delicious Toffee Berry Tarts are as lovely to look at as they are to eat!

Banana Peppers with Fish Mousse

Chef Rosa Matto makes a Banana Pepper with Fish Mousse - An eye catching and unusual fish dish great for entertaining or as a perfect addition to an outdoor lunch

Spicy Potato Strudel

This week Rosa makes a light and spicy Vegetable Strudel -this vegetarian dish is ideally served hot or cold, perfect as an accompaniment or as a main course.

Rosa's Spring Vegetable Terrine

Chef Rosa Matto makes the most of a selection of colourful new season spring vegetables with her Vegetable Terrine – an attractive dish that would be perfect served for lunch or make a wonderful buffet addition.

Rosa's Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

Often asked what she makes for a special “afternoon tea” occasion Chef Rosa Matto answers with her delicious Chocolate and Hazelnut cake. A rich and decadent cake that really tastes as good as it looks – bake this cake and try stopping

Rosa's Easy Meals - Lamb and Apricot Tagine

Looking for an easy meal to eat in front of the TV? Chef Rosa Matto whips up a fragrant, simple slow cooked lamb dish cooked in a Moroccan Tagine.

Rosa's Cappucino Cheesecakes

If you love coffee and you’re partial to cheesecake, then you’ll find Chef Rosa Matto’s individual Cappuccino Cheesecakes a real winner! With plenty of plate appeal these easy and delicious cheesecakes are guaranteed to impress!

Rosa's Mandarin Souffle

Chef Rosa Matto demonstrates that soufflés are not as scary as many people may think! Rosa whips up a zesty twist on a dessert classic – Mandarin Soufflé! Rosa makes the most of some sweet local Mandarins and the result is a light, sweet

Greek Style Lamb Meatballs

A winter warmer recipe from Rosa Matto – Lamb Meatballs! This easy recipe is sure to become a firm family favourite!

Rosa's Individual Rhubarb and Ginger Puddings - a wintery delight!

Chef Rosa Matto whips up a Rhubarb and Ginger Pudding, a sweet and slightly spicy fruit pudding perfect for the cooler months.

Rosa's Lemony Ricotta Hotcakes with Lemon Syrup

Chef Rosa Matto cooks up a delicious breakfast or brunch treat - Ricotta Lemon Hotcakes! These light and fluffy hotcakes are best served with Rosas’ special lemon syrup and are guaranteed to be an instant hit with friends and family.

Perfect Roast Pork with Maple Pears and Parsnips

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for Perfect Pork. With the crispiest of crackling and succulent meat with a spinach and feta stuffing, this could become your new favourite Family roast. The perfect accompaniment? Delicious roast parsnips with pears

Autumn Vegetable and Chickpea Soup

Chef Rosa Matto whips up a delicious winter warming vegetable soup. A healthy and hearty meal which makes the most of seasonal winter vegetables and includes Rosa’s special chicken stock.

Antipasto Platter Favourite - Zucchini with Mint

Chef Rosa Matto makes the most of an abundant zucchini surplus in her Mediterranean vegetable garden and shows how to prepare them for use in an antipasto platter or as a delicious side dish. Rosa’s Zucchini with Mint recipe is particularly delicio

Rosa's Perfect Picnic Pie

Chef Rosa Matto prepares a wonderful Egg and Ham Pie, easy to transport and cut, this fuss free pie is picnic perfect - best enjoyed alfresco in our beautiful parks and gardens!

Rosa's Poached Trout with Horseradish Cream

Chef Rosa Matto prepares her wonderful idea for a stress-free Christmas Lunch. Her delicious Poached Ocean Trout with Horseradish Cream is simple to prepare and perfect on a platter.

Rosa's Zucchini Fritters with Cheese and a trio of Herbs

Chef Rosa Matto whips up some Zucchini Fritters, a light and tasty brunch idea… a recipe that Rosa discovered on her travels through Turkey.

Nougat: a sweet treat that’s great for gifts!

And Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for Nougat – a sweet treat that’s great for gifts!

Rosa's Crispy Parmesan Biscuits

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for an irresistible cheesy treat perfect for a platter - Crispy Parmesan Biscuits!

Rosa's Homemade Turkish Pide

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for homemade Turkish Pide.

Rosa's Impressive Pesce Al Forno

Chef Rosa Matto shares her easy recipe for Pesce Al Forno – an Italian Baked Fish recipe that’s sure to impress!

Mushroom Timbale Masterpiece!

With mushrooms in mind, Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for a Mushroom Timbale masterpiece!

Pasta Con La Zucca with Walnuts, Cheese and Pumpkin

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for a quick, easy and nutritious - Pumpkin, Feta and Walnut Pasta.

Alfresco Chicken: a perfect dish to enjoy outdoors

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for a perfect dish to enjoy outdoors - Alfresco Chicken.

Riverland Citrus Pots: a Perfect Spring Recipe

Chef Rosa Matto shares her recipe for Riverland Citrus Pots – an easy dessert using citrus fruit and ingredients you’re likely to have in your pantry.

Rosa's Easy Eggplant and Paneer Cheese in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Chef Rosa Matto shares her delicious recipe for Eggplant Paneer Cheese in a Rich Tomato Sauce. A beautiful vegetarian recipe inspired by Rosa’s recent visit to the Hari Krishna temple in Kilburn.

Rosa's Moroccan Lemons!

And Chef Rosa Matto shares her delicious recipe for Moroccan Preserved Lemons! This is a great way to use up excess lemons you may have on your tree… delicious with fish or couscous recipes – a jar also makes an ideal gift.

Rosa's Delicious Mushroom Bread - Funghi in Cartoccio!

Chef Rosa Matto shares her delicious tips for stale bread! Rosa’s Mushroom Bread is a sensational recipe designed to make the most of an ingredient we often feel guilty about throwing away!

The two Michaels: Battle of the BBQ!

Leigh McClusky joins the two Michaels - Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan for a battle at the BBQ! Leigh challenges the boys to a salt bush lamb cook off – a departure from the usual seafood recipes the Michael’s usually cook.

Rosa's Simple and Delicious Coconut, Lime and Ginger Cake!

Chef Rosa Matto whips up a Lime Coconut and Ginger Cake, simple and delicious – this is one recipe you’ll definitely want to try!

Rosa's Quick and Easy Honeycomb Recipe!

Chef Rosa Matto demonstrates how to make quick and easy Honeycomb. A sweet and moreish recipe that’s sure to be a hit with your family.

Rosa's Divine Vietnamese Pork with Lemongrass and Ginger dressing!

In this month’s SA Life Magazine we’re celebrating the food of Vietnam. With this in mind, Chef Rosa Matto cooks a fresh and healthy dish - Vietnamese Pork with a Lemongrass and Ginger dressing.

Rosa's Flavoursome Ham and Egg Cups

Chef Rosa Matto makes her famous Ham and Egg Cups, the perfect breakfast or brunch dish.

Rosa's Quick Kitchen Tip - Tomatoes!

Chef Rosa Matto shows us a quick tip on how to prepare tomatoes for everyday cooking.

Chocolate Amaretti Hazelnut Torte

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in a chocolaty dessert! Chef Rosa Matto whips up a delicious Chocolate Amaretti Hazelnut Torte. Rosa shares more of her mouth- watering chocolate recipes in this month’s SA Life Magazine.

Rosa's Quick Kitchen Tip - Zest

Chef Rosa Matto shows us a few no fuss methods to produce the best zest!

Rosa's Delicious One Pot Prawn Dish!

Chef Rosa Matto’s delicious one-pot prawn dish – a surprisingly simple seafood sensation! See this month’s SA Life Magazine for more of Rosa’s great one-pot recipes.

Perfect Scones - Sweet and Savoury recipes!

Chef Rosa Matto whips up a batch of delicious scones, perfect for a traditional Devonshire Tea. Rosa’s fool proof recipe will turn you into a real ‘Scone-noisseur’ -producing perfect scones every time!

Rosa's Nonna's Biscuits!

Chef Rosa Matto shares her secret recipe for her family’s favourite biscuits.

Rosa's Quick Kitchen Tip - Garlic

Rosa Matto shows us how to easily chop and mince garlic without the need for any kitchen gadgets!

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Chef Rosa Matto whips up a fresh and healthy Vietnamese Salad.

Rosa's Quick Kitchen Tip - How to chop an onion

Have you ever wondered how the experts chop their onions so fast and with no fuss? Rosa Matto shows us some handy tricks and tips in the kitchen.

Vegetarian Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi - Malfatti

Chef Rosa Matto cooks up a quick and easy Vegetarian Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi – a recipe that everyone will love.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Chop, Cook, Eat and Enjoy! Sticky Rice Cooking School in the Adelaide Hills is the place to be for food lovers. Michael Keelan joins the latest cook-up in their new outdoor kitchen. We also take a look at the schools inspiring herb plot and kitchen garde