Fine Foods


Christmas Pudding Scottish Style

Jane Maul of Abbotsford Country House invites Callum to join a mixing session and learn some tips on how to make a traditional Christmas Pudding.

Newman's Horseradish Farm

Callum Hann visits Newman’s Horseradish Farm down at Langhorne Creek, and cooks up a beautiful salmon dish featuring the clever condiment.

Udder Delights Fondue for Two!

Kelly Golding visits the Udder Delights Cheese Cellar in Hahndorf to check out the latest tasting experience on offer here - gorgeously gooey Fondues for two!

Taste of the Hills!

Callum Hann heads to the Adelaide Hills for a day of dairy decadence that includes chocolate, ice-cream and cheese tastings!

Tasting Australia 2016

Callum Hann gets a taste of Adelaide’s favourite food festival. Tasting Australia is now an annual event, and this year in Town Square we’ll be treated to the tempting aromas of fresh baked bread!

Nirvana Organic Farm - Raspberries

Callum Hann visits Nirvana Organic farm in Heathfield to learn more about raspberries which are in season from December to January each year.

The Farm Willunga

Briony Hume visits a ‘one stop shop’ for the best of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Blend a café with a Providore, Bed and Breakfast, an olive grove and a vineyard, and you have “The Farm Willunga”.

Bottega Rotolo

Callum Hann visits Bottega Rotolo, a place that’s renowned for bringing the worlds’ finest flavours to our doorstep.

Kangaroo Island Source

Briony Hume gets a taste of Kangaroo Island when she visits ‘Kangaroo Island Source’.

A FEASTival for the senses on K.I.

KI showcases its finest produce in a series of boutique, one-off gourmet events hosted by some of the Island’s most passionate advocates.

The Blueberry Patch

Callum Hann visits the Blueberry Patch at Mount Compass.

Adelaide's Food Bloggers

Callum Hann catches up with a group of food bloggers – people who love to share their thoughts and opinions on all things culinary.

Chocolate Walking Tours of Adelaide

Callum Hann finds a delicious way to tour the CBD with a Chocolate Walking Tour.

The Art of Goat Cheese Making

Callum Hann spends the day learning to make Goat Cheese in the Southern Vales!

Tasting Australia Part 4

Every year the honour roll of Fine Australian wine is revised. When the Langton’s Classification is combined with Tasting Australia, the result is a very, VERY special event for wine lovers.

Tasting Australia Part 3

Tasting Australia isn’t just about Tasting, it’s about immersing all of your senses in Food. Callum visits a suburban gallery where paintings from the “Just Desserts” exhibition look as if they could literally jump off the wall.

Tasting Australia Part 2

Share sessions are held most days during Tasting Australia, these hands-on classes are educational and allow people to extend their culinary skills. Regional events are an important part of Tasting Australia, Callum meets up with a group touring the hills

Tasting Australia Part 1

Callum talks to Creative Director Simon Bryant and Patron Maggie Beer. We also look at Town Square: the hub of Tasting Australia in the centre of the CBD. Callum also visits the regional stalls to discover the true Food Heroes of South Australia.

Kolophon Capers

Have you ever wondered where Capers come from? Callum Hann was curious to find out so he travelled to the home of Kolphon Capers in the Riverland.

Illalangi Gourmet Foods

On the main highway at Waikerie you’ll find a very special place. Illalangi is a produce shop which has a surprise outside: a Riverland Bush Garden!

Island Pure Kangaroo Island

Callum Hann heads to Island Pure Sheep Dairy on the banks of the Cygnet River and also whips up an easy ten minute meal using their delicious haloumi.

Callum: Caputo Seafood

Callum Hann visits a seafood mecca in the Southern Flinders. The Caputo Family have made a name for themselves in Port Pirie, as purveyors of seafood for four generations, their shop and factory is right on a wharf in the main street of town.

Fleurieu Milk Company

Thanks to Fleurieu’s mild climate - the grass there is green and just perfect for dairy farming. Callum spends the day at the Fleurieu Milk Company and even takes his turn to milk a cow.

A Taste of our State - Coorong Angus Beef

Callum spends the day with Richard Gunner to learn about SA’s famous Coorong Angus Beef – a product that’s not only popular at home; it’s also taking off in restaurants right around the country.

Southern Yorke Oysters

Pete Michell loves oysters; he’s so smitten in fact that he’s made his way to ‘Shark Alley’ near Port Vincent with Paul Dee and his crew from Southern Yorke Oysters.

Mayura Station Wagyu Beef

They say where you find good wine, good food usually follows… Briony Hume finds this to be true at an award winning tasting experience at Mayura Station on the Limestone Coast.

Flavours of Campbelltown Food Trail

Chef Rosa Matto takes the Campbelltown City Council food trail and discovers some foodie secrets.