Special Interest


Roses For a Reason

Michael Keelan investigates some blooming good reasons to give the gift of a rose.

Community Gardens - The new 'Plot on the Block'

There’s an exciting new ‘plot on the block’ on Park Terrace at Bowden. Michael Keelan catches up with keen community gardener Chris Pietsch to take a look around.

Shady Characters - Low light Plants!

Michael Keelan visits a garden that makes the most out of its shade.

The Art of Garden Lighting

Michael Keelan learns more about the art of lighting up your landscape.

Xmas Gifts for GardenLovers 2015

Michael Keelan takes a look at some gift ideas for garden lovers.

Garden Trends over the Decades

Michael Keelan takes a look at the evolution of our humble home garden.

Kids Get Grubby at the Kitchen Garden

Michael Keelan digs in with the kids at a new city garden.

Summer Veggies

Michael Keelan shares some inspiring ideas for a super summer fruit and vegetable harvest.

Daisies for all Seasons

Michael Keelan pays tribute to the humble Daisy.

Unusual Edible Gardens!

Michael Keelan investigates some of the “less than usual” edible suspects for a homegrown garden.

Backyard Chooks

Michael Keelan takes a scratch around the suburbs in search of the humble chicken!

Green Indoors- A look at Indoor Plants!

On today’s show Michael visits the Amazon Water Lily Pavilion in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and some green spaces in our new City Library.

The Agapanthus Farm 'Littlewood'

Michael Keelan talks Aggies at ‘Littlewood’ - an Agapanthus Nursery combined with stunning gardens.

Vertical Gardens

Michael Keelan takes a look at an emerging garden trend - the Vertical Garden.

October Diary and Heirloom Plants

Michael Keelan takes a look at the benefits of using Heirloom plants in your garden and also presents his October Garden Diary – things to do in your garden this month.

O'Reilly's Organic Orchard

Michael Keelan ventures down an unsealed road in the Southern Flinders and finds a hidden gem - a small rural holding called O’Reilly’s Orchard.

Add a splash of colour to your home with Indoor Plants!

Michael Keelan takes a look at a collection of plants that are not only beautiful, but ideal for indoor use here in South Australia.

The Art of Bonsai and our July Garden Diary!

Michael Keelan takes a look at a gardening passion that’s truly an art form… Bonsai! Michael also runs through a list of gardening jobs for the month of June…including how to brighten up your garden by planting some winter colour.

A new chapter for our Bicentennial Conservatory / March Garden Diary

Michael Keelan investigates the next chapter for the Bicentennial Conservatory and also runs through some home gardening tips for the month of March.

Christmas Trees and Inspiring Gardens

Michael Keelan shares his suggestions for a Living Christmas Tree and picks up some inspirational ideas from Tricia’s garden, which also features in the November issue of SA Life Magazine.

Ask Michael: what to grow for a perfumed garden?

Horticulturalist and Garden expert Michael Keelan addresses a viewer question regarding great plants to grow for a perfumed garden.

Smelling the Roses with Kelvin Trimper

Michael Keelan takes time to smell the roses with the president of the Rose Society Kelvin Trimper. Michael takes a look around Kelvin’s garden which is living proof that our state is one of the best, if not the best places to grow roses.

Trees For Life

To celebrate 30 years of revegetating our state Michael Keelan takes a look at the Trees for Life program – A South Australian organisation which supports volunteers who want to make a real difference to the environment.

Glandore Community Garden!

Michael Keelan takes a wander through the Glandore Community Garden and finds a group of dedicated volunteers and gardeners passionate about productive gardening and encouraging people onto their own garden path.

Winterwood Garden!

Although we think of South Australia as having a true Mediterranean climate, there are areas such as Stirling that are more temperate and a lot cooler. Michael Keelan visits ‘Winterwood’ home of Horticulturist and Garden Advisor Merilyn Kuch.

The Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens

Michael Keelan takes a botanic adventure in the Adelaide Hills at the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens! Whether you want a nice slow meander or a good stiff hike, you’ll find a pocket of park that’s just perfect.

The Pescheta’s family’s slice of SA Life

Michael Keelan finds Italian village traditions alive and well in Murray Bridge. The Pescheta family invite Michael to visit their thriving kitchen garden where food production is still vital to family life four generations on.

Waterwise Garden

Michael Keelan heads to a garden at Langhorne Creek and finds some great ideas on how to grow a great garden fast. A thoughtful choice of plants and excellent soil preparation work together to transformed a tired and battered garden into an award-winning

Adelaide's beautiful tree lined boulevards

Michael Keelan takes a look at Adelaide’s beautiful tree lined boulevards and how we can preserve them for the future. Michael talks to David Lawry OAM – a man who’s passionate about trees and maintaining our green streetscapes.

Carrick Hill Trees and Rare Fruit

Micheal Keelan meets Carrick Hill’s own horticulturalist, Rob May for a stroll around the magnificent grounds. Rob challenges Michael to identify a rare and strange fruit that’s recently been produced by a very old tree on the estate.

Jeremy Cordeaux's Garden

Michael Keelan takes a look around the lush suburban oasis created by media man Jeremy Cordeaux in his own backyard.