Living Gifts - Great Ideas For Christmas!

Michael Keelan has some inspiring ideas to create living gifts in time for Christmas. Think outside the box and you never know what you’ll come up with!

A Touch of the Tropics!

Michael Keelan visits a lush suburban backyard garden that’s testament to the idea of creating a tropical look for a temperate garden.

Growing Courtyard Tomatoes

You don’t have to have a big backyard to grow tomatoes, in fact as Michael Keelan explains it’s easy to grow tasty tomatoes in the smallest of spaces.

2016 October Garden Diary

Michael talks through some of the nursery plants that have caught his eye this Spring and which will work best for our climate.

Michaels Top Shrub Tips

Michael Keelan talks about versatile shrubs and how you can raise your odds of success when planting them.

Michael's 2016 July Garden Diary

Michael Keelan shares his top tips for gardening during the month of July

Add Style to Your Garden!

Michael Keelan investigates how to add a statement to your garden with a few ornamental and decorative ideas.

June Garden Diary 2016 - Get Your Boots On!

Michael Keelan runs through the top 5 things to do in your garden as well as what to plant and prune in June.

New Plants 2016

Like any industry, the plant industry is one which thrives on innovation. Millions of dollars are spent each year on finding and developing new commercial plants, so today, Michael Keelan catches up with Wayne Steinweedel at Mt Barker’s Garden Dep

May Garden Diary 2016

Now that the cold wet days are almost upon us Michael Keelan has a timely reminder in his May Garden Diary of those pre-winter jobs you should be getting stuck into this month.

April Garden Diary 2016

Michael Keelan presents some timely garden tips for Autumn.

Michael's November Garden Diary 2015

Michael Keelans’ checklist for a great summer garden.

Michael's top 10 Fragrant Roses

Michael Keelan takes some time out to smell the roses. Michael catches up with Botanic Gardens Curator Andy Hart to sniff out what’s new and to refresh his memory of some old rose favourites.

September Garden Diary 2015

September is a busy time in the garden, a month when Michael Keelan likes to get out a notebook and write down jobs to do and the gaps to be filled in his garden.

Michael's August Garden Diary

Michael Keelan visits the city plot in our Botanic Gardens and also talks about some maintenance tips and preparing gardens both big and small for a super Spring.

Winter Colour For Your Garden

Michael Keelan spends the day in the Adelaide Hills with one of his horticultural heroes-Trevor Nottle

June Garden Diary

Michael Keelan's June Diary is a good checklist for all South Australian gardeners at this time of year.

Growing Climbers and Creepers

Michael Keelan shows how you can use creepers, climbers and vines to best effect in your garden.

Michael's November Garden Diary

Michael Keelan presents his November Garden Diary. In the countdown to Christmas we have a list of things to do in your garden to get it up to scratch for those holiday guests.

Michael's October Diary and Christmas Countdown

Counting down to your summer garden! Michael Keelan talks about his top 5 jobs to do in the garden now that it’s October.

Theme Garden Ideas

Michael Keelan talks about how to make your garden a statement! How to theme a garden around something you love and reflect your personal style.

Terrariums and September Garden Diary

Michael Keelan takes a look at Terrariums – they were all the rage in the 1970’s and 80’s and now they’re making a comeback!

August Garden Diary

Michael Keelan talks about preparing your garden for spring. Time to tackle those weeds and finish your pruning- plus berry growing in South Australia

Michael's July Garden Diary

Michael Keelan runs through his June and July Garden Diary – jobs to do in your garden now that winter is well and truly here.

Planting Out Your Verge

Michael Keelan takes a look at some ideas for planting out verges to give your property some serious street appeal.

Great Courtyard Garden Ideas

Michael Keelan talks with award-winning Landscape Designer Caroline Dawes and learns some tips about creating clever courtyards and small gardens.

Michael Keelan's March Diary

Michael Keelan has all the tips on what to do and what to plant for your South Australian garden right now.

Pine Trees with a Purpose

Michael Keelan talks about Pine Trees with a purpose! You might be put off by the thought of a huge tree in your garden – but because pines come in all shapes and sizes, there’s something to suit every need!

Michael's November Garden Diary

Michael Keelan tackles a few big jobs in the garden this month. He also run through what to plant out in your veggie patch now that the weathers warming up.

Michael's October Diary

Michael Keelan presents his garden diary for the month of October. Jobs to do in your garden right now to make the most of spring including what to plant and how to prepare your yard for the hot summer months ahead.


Michael Keelan talks groundcovers. Ground cover plants have many purposes, one of which is to supress weeds, but the most important factor is to keep valuable moisture in the soil – you could almost call them nature’s “living mulch

September Diary and Wittunga Botanic Garden

Now that Spring is officially here Michael Keelan presents his list of jobs to do in September. Michael also takes a stroll around Wittunga Botanic Garden at Blackwood, a wonderful place for a picnic and only a short drive from the city.

Michael's July Gardening Diary

July is a busy month in the garden, particularly if you have fruit trees or roses, because right now it’s time to prune! It’s also the optimum time to relocate roses, prune hydrangeas and get your garden ready for Spring.

Michael's Garden Essentials

Michael Keelan has been gardening for over four decades and in that time he’s tried and tested out plenty of products…today he runs viewers through his favourites and shares some insider tips when he talks about his top garden essentials.

June Garden Diary and Planting Potatoes

Michael Keelan gives us a crash course in growing the humble spud. He also runs viewers his list of garden jobs to do in June.

Michael's Picking Garden

One of the best ways to brighten up a room is to add a bunch of flowers and that’s even easier when you can pick them from your own garden. Now whether you want to start from scratch or just add some plants to your existing garden, Michael pres

May Garden Diary 2013

Well now that it’s May, you can certainly feel those crisp mornings and it’s a gentle reminder for us all to get out in the garden and start cleaning it up, before we get into those wet winter days, and that’s exactly what Micheal Kee

Winter Planning and Planting

Michael Keelan shows you how to plan and plant your garden for success. There really is no such thing as an instant garden but with a little bit of planning, you can save yourself a lot of pain further down the track.

Plants for Protection and the Gorgeous Gardens Exhibition

During the year Michael Keelan has talked about hedges, screens and windbreaks… In today’s program he looks at plants that can be used for other purposes such as security, disguise, insulation and protection.

November Garden Diary and Potted Christmas Gift Ideas!

November is your last chance to get the garden ready and looking great for family and friends over the Christmas break. Michael Keelan runs through the jobs you should be doing in your garden this month to get your garden looking its best come December.

Planting Wind Breaks

Wind can be cruel to plants, it’s a destructive force that we often overlook when planning our gardens. Michael Keelan has some tips for the ideal solution: planting Windbreaks.

September Garden Diary 2012

Michael Keelan presents his September Garden Diary – the must-do jobs for your garden now that Spring has sprung! Do them now, and you can sit back and admire the result in months to come.

August Garden Diary and Espaliered Trees PLUS Garden Pallet Giveaway!

Michael Keelan presents his August Garden Diary checklist and also highlights the decorative effects one can obtain from Espaliering trees.

Stone Fruit Trees

There’s not a lot of activity in the garden at this time of year, but winter is a great time to be planning your summer garden and in particular, it’s a good time to plant stone fruit trees. Michael Keelan talks with an expert at Vadoulis Ga

Citrus trees in pots

Many South Australians would have grown up with a citrus tree in the backyard but these days, with house blocks are getting smaller, the answer is to grow citrus in pots!

Ask Michael - May 2012

Michael Keelan loves getting out and about and having a look in people’s gardens… today he tackles a couple of questions from our viewers and it seems its citrus trees that are giving many of our viewers grief!

Old Fashioned Plants and our Garden Diary for May

To coincide with this month’s SALIfe Magazine article, Michael Keelan takes a look at the latest trend in plants and it’s rather old fashioned!

April Garden Diary and Sensational Cyclamens

Michael Keelan gives us his list of gardening ‘must do’s’ for the month of April and he also celebrates colourful Cyclamens, the perfect plant for winter.

November Garden Diary

Michael Keelan presents his monthly garden diary and handy tips for a November. Blue is not a common colour in nature but it seems that here in SA it loves the month of November.

Ask Michael - Spartan Junipers

In the second of our “Ask Michael” segments, Michael Keelan answers viewer’s questions on problematic plants, pests and shares some suggestions and advice on how to get the most out of your garden.

Mushroom Compost

Michael Keelan meets the Mushroom Man - Doug Schirripa! His mushroom farm produces around two thirds of all the mushrooms sold in South Australia, so what Doug doesn’t know about mushrooms isn’t worth knowing!

October Garden Diary

Michael Keelan presents his Garden Diary for October. What to plant and jobs to do now that we’re well and truly into Spring.

September Citrus

September is citrus time! Whether you’re planting out a new citrus or renovating an existing one it’s a fabulous time of year to tend to your fruit trees.

September Diary

Michael Keelan presents his September Garden Diary. Now that Spring has sprung there are plenty of jobs to do in the garden… Michael will show you what to plant and other jobs you should be doing to make the most of your spring garden.

Ask Michael!

When it comes to South Australian gardens - ask and Michael Keelan shall answer! In the first of our ‘Ask Michael’ segments we tackle our viewers gardening questions and dilemmas.

August Garden Diary!

Michael Keelan presents his August Garden Diary, what to do and plant in your garden this month.

Winter Colour in your Garden

Michael Keelan heads to Newman’s Nursery to show us just how easy it is to introduce colour into your garden during the winter months. Whether it’s with flowers, plants with colourful foliage, fruit or potted colour, Michael explains that j

July Garden Diary

Michael Keelan presents his July Garden Diary – what to plant, and jobs to do in your garden this month.

Art Garden

Michael Keelan discovers an inspirational garden that became a gallery… and how you can add a whole new dimension to your garden with a few strategically placed pieces of art.

June Garden Diary - What to do in your garden this month

Michael Keelan presents his June Garden Diary – what to plant, and jobs to do in your garden this month.

Perfect Plants for Hedging and Edging!

We take a look at Michael Keelan’s favourite plants for hedging and edging.

May Garden Diary - What to do in your garden this month

Michael Keelan’s May Garden Diary. What to plant now and what to do in the garden as we head into winter.