Mothers Day Charm Bracelet!






SA Life the magazine is proud to bring you a special project bringing together the work of some of South Australia’s brightest jewellery apprentices. Now this stunning one off piece will be auctioned with all of the proceeds going to one of South Australia’s very special children’s charities.

A group of current TAFE students and recent jewellery manufacturing graduates were asked to design a 9 carat bracelet charm and in the process a unique heirloom piece was born. James Threadgold is one of South Australia’s best known jewellers and has been instrumental in the project.

Leigh: So this is about young South Australian apprentices and ten of them from 10 different jewellery outlets, who each created a very special piece for mother’s day?

James: That’s right. And it’s not very often you see a collaboration like that.

Leigh: And it isn’t very often that the apprentices get to show their wares and be acknowledged in that way?

James: No, normally we hide them away in the back rooms, and crack the whip and things like that on them.

Leigh: but this is a great opportunity for them to shine?

James: It is, and as I said the piece is very well made and very unique.

Leigh: Amelia Fabian has jewellery making in her blood, her father a master jeweller and her mother a trained gemologist, she made her first piece at the age of 12. Amelia’s charm depicts a baby in the arms of its mother.

David Abrahams is a final year apprentice at MarkMcAskill Jewellery. His graceful swallow includes a diamond set eye. Chrysanthemums are synonymous with Mother’s Day and second year apprentice Tim Parker crafted 8 petals of marquise citrines and set them around a bezel set diamond centre for his interpretation of the iconic flower.

Daeman Bray is an apprentice working under James Threadgold’s watchful eye.

Leigh: So Daemen tell me about the inspiration for your charm?

Daemen: The inspiration came initially from my initial thoughts with the old school if you will, Sunday luncheons. Ladies dress up, their nice nines, and where the beautiful hats, lovely gowns.

Leigh: Because yours is a divine little hat isn’t it?

Daemen: Yeah, that’s right, that’s right.

Leigh: It’s beautiful.

Daemen: It wasn’t initially the design I came up with, through trade school my lecturer helped me develop bit more of a structural concept as opposed to just being a hat, and I really didn’t want to venture down the typical thoughts of flowers and love hearts and things along those lines wanted something a little bit more conceptual. So yeah, the hat just seemed the perfect fit.

Class A’s Michelle Kennedy also chose a flower as her inspiration, in this case a silver rose in full bloom while Aled Jones used a combination of polishing textures to produce his modern heart charm. Zachary Kensen soldered three hand-cut hearts of white, yellow and rose gold together to form his representation of love.

Four diamonds adorn the strap of this delicate silver stiletto. Designed on a computer by Harris Hambi. The highly polished shoe would appeal to any follower of fashion!

Kosta Tsimikis believes that every mother is a star and his five point star is a nod to the traditional style of charms his family business has produced for many years.

And Nathan Sawley had a similar idea, designing a trophy charm to recognise the hard work, love and dedication of mothers everywhere which often goes unnoticed.

Leigh: And so it’s all going to a great cause because this will in fact be auctioned for the little heroes foundation, I suppose the thing about this too it’s truly a unique piece.

James: Well you certainly won’t find anything like it. You certainly don’t find many charm bracelets in 9 carat white gold for a start, but also as I said with the collaboration of many different jewellery shops coming from Adelaide it’s certainly a one off piece.

The charm bracelet will be touring participating jewelers from July until October; look for details in SA Life Magazine and on our website Auction will take place at the Little Heroes Melbourne Cup Lunch at the Wine Centre on Tuesday, November 1 - (anyone can bid by phone).