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John: Hello everyone-especially the coffee drinkers because today I want to tempt you to come down to beautiful Henley Beach to try some of the best coffee going around and served by one of the most friendliest blokes you’ll ever meet but wait there’s more…how about we throw in some stunning art work by one of South Australia’s leading artists.

This is Joe’s Kiosk right on the sand at Henley Beach…and this is Joe – he’s usually sporting a black t-shirt with matching cap and he loves a chat.

Joe: This is the people’s kiosk…this is for their enjoyment and that’s what I open up for and it gives me pleasure coming to work.

He weaves a rare magic here that keeps them coming back from all over Adelaide and beyond, like MP Vicki Chapman.

Vicki: He’s just one of those characters. A charming person so good conversation good coffee and Joe thrown in so it’s a worthwhile trip.

John: Joe’s rarely on the tools making the coffee – his specialty is working the room making everyone feel at home and almost startling new comers with an uncanny knack of remembering the names of hundreds of faithful customers.

Joe: Good morning Henry. How you feeling…Graham you look well. Jackie you too …Patrick, where’s Tim? Good morning Grantly, how are you?

Joe’s been here for about 20 years. The kiosk was established back in 1928,then flattened several times by a series of shocking storms the worst back in 1953 – these days its weather proof and has a new lease on life.

John: I notice here in the front room a gallery a rogue’s gallery of people who come here. There are hundreds of photos.

Joe: People love photos and people love being photographed and that’s why I put them all up.

John: There are some familiar faces here, famous faces.

Joe: Yes over 20 years. We’ve had Mel Gibson here, politician’s-Liberal, Labour, state and federal they love it.

And then there’s the latest edition; Joe’s great mate is world acclaimed surrealist artist Andrew Baines. He’s a local and has done some of his best work right out in front of the kiosk including one of the great man himself.

Andrew: Well in 2010 two of my daughters Andrea and Gemma worked here as waitresses and so in the afternoon I’d pick them up and Joe would make himself known and he wanted to know all about my life, and it turns out that he loves painting and has a passion for the surreal; and I have a passion for coffee and it was just the start of our relationship.

John: Andrew and Joe plan to turn part of the kiosk into a working gallery.

Andrew: Every other Sunday afternoon I will come and do some painting and it’s an element that most café’s haven’t got. Instead of coffee there’s something to see and learn.

John: Even being upside down I could tell its Henley Beach.

Andrew: This painting is called “Escape of the Corporate Battery Hen” and it’s about work- life balance. It’s about releasing workers from their 9 to 5 grind to enjoy nature… and nature in this case being Henley Beach.

John: Outside a couple of Andrew’s stunning works are on permanent display…the artisan’s signing off on a bond built on fine art and fabulous food and coffee.

Joe’s kiosk in open Wednesday to Sunday 7.30 am to 3 pm and remember, Joe never forgets a face.

Joe: Who’s this guy I don’t know you…laughs welcome.

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