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Chocolate Walking Tours of Adelaide


Callum: Today I am literally a kid in a candy store…Imagine spending an afternoon with some friends discovering some of the best chocolate SA has to offer? Well I can Show you but I am pretty sure you’ll want to experience THIS for yourself!

Romina Mandica has one of the sweetest jobs around: taking people on Chocolate Walking tours of Adelaide. We meet in the East End where Mark, from San Churro starts our day in a traditional way…

Mark: Basically a churro is a humble donut that people eat for breakfast in Spain. I’d like all of you to get a churro dip it straight into the couverture chocolate we’ve got milk white and dark options there.

And on the side we’ve got some Spanish hot chocolate which is a very thick rich hot chocolate and once you sip it you’ll know what I mean.

Callum: Crunchy sweet donut, smooth silky chocolate sauce… I reckon these Spanish guys are onto something.

This delicious experience is ever-evolving so today is just a snapshot of what you might expect to see or taste on tour – I don’t want to give too much away!

Romina: Not that we want to get the chocolate out of our mouth but the best things to use as palate cleansers are bread or apple…and also guys, water’s great and that’s why we’ve got some for you today.

Callum: And if you’re thinking the tour is just one huge choc-fest, think again …because it’s also about education.

Romina: Your chocolate should be smooth and shiny and when you break it in half you should hear a SNAP. So what I will get you to do is pick your frogs up and give them a snap.

Callum: Yes you’ll learn all about how it’s crafted, a bit of history and even some practical tips, and here’s my tip: pay close attention because there’s a quiz at the end!

Welcome to Koko Black everyone. Here are two of our signature truffles the classic Belgian truffle and the liquid salted caramel truffle.

Chocolate can be fun, chocolate can be indulgent, elegant and it can also be surprising. Here we couldn’t resist picking up something to take home. I’ve just discovered this which is really unusual it’s from the Dominican Republic: 100% cocoa solids. Nothing added, it is pure chocolate…in the world of chocolate this is about as exclusive as it gets.

Romina: So Blackeby’s is a South Australian institution that specialises in old style sweets and home style fudge which you lucky people are going to get a chance to sample today.

Callum: I just love this place….it’s chock a block, pardon the pun, with sweet treats from every era and all corners of the globe. And just steps away, yet another South Australian confectionery icon…

Romina: The great thing about Haigh’s is they are the oldest family owned chocolate makers in Australia, fourth generation in fact and they make their chocolate from scratch.

What I have for you to try is some dark coverture Haigh’s chocolate. As you can hear it’s got a good snap to it! And of course use your tasting procedure try and give it a snap and see what you get.

Callum: Do you think chocolate is similar to like wine or cheese in the way we should appreciate it?
Romina: Absolutely. Adelaide’s such a groovy city now…people are appreciating wine cheese and chocolate so much more now and that’s a testament to all the venues popping up they are coming up with great quality stuff.

Callum: The three hour tours are held every weekend but you will need to book… grab some chocolate loving mates and get set for a sweet day out.

Romina: Of course if you like chocolate you’re going to love the tour, but I think what we offer as well as being able to appreciate awesome chocolate is that you learn about the history of local SA businesses and what they have accomplished over the years and about the history of chocolate, how to taste it correctly, how to find out if you’ve got good quality… and to me these are the things that you take with you long after you’ve finished the tour.

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