The Market Shed on Holland


Kelly: Welcome to the market shed on Holland Street. If you love beautiful fresh food and want a fabulous new place to meet friends on a Sunday – you have got to check this place out.

Launched in November last year by the Kaitatzis family, (who own and operate the IGA supermarket nearby), this vibrant market in the city’s south has really been embraced by the locals. Here you’ll find like-minded stall holders offering tasty goodies, with a special emphasis on the organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

Marilyn and her son Jonathon admit that the idea of creating a market was borne in part from a need to supplement what they were finding to stock their shelves.

Johnathon: We were noticing a lot of lines popping up on the supermarket shelves full of chemicals and preservatives and we really wanted to offer a space where the community could have a choice of what they choose to eat.

Marilyn: The whole thing really was that we would understand the journey of the roots of the food. So it’s origins, we wanted it to be local as much as possible, and if the food is organic it would be certified organic.

Set in a former motor engineer’s workshop – this light and airy market offers shoppers a host of gourmet experiences…

Products on offer vary with the seasons but you can expect to find a collection of cafes, an artisan bakery, fresh fruit and veg, aromatic spices and a variety of wholefoods. And a number of stalls also offer a mouth-watering selection of freshly cooked sweet and savoury morsels.

Like any good market worth its Himalayan salt, the Market Shed also offers a membership program which will give you the opportunity to sample some of the weekly delights.

Marilyn: So the food trail is one of the things we came up with, where we have 3 trails, a vegan, a gluten free and general food trail. And the members come along with their tasting board and you sort of follow the food trail and get tastings from each store holders and it’s really good fun.

Sarah Adamopoulos is the president of the Organic Federation of Australia here in SA. She believes that markets like this are important as they help to promote the “good food” message to a wide audience.

Sarah: Well we love places like this because you can bring people from all walks of life into a central spot and we all share an underlying value system I suppose. And it’s a nice way to bring organic, good healthy lifestyles into everybody’s lifestyle, so it’s not a segregated niche group, it is for everybody so we have young and old, families, everybody can embrace this and be healthy and happy and be supported in their quest for a really good lifestyle.

Kelly: So why not start your week off on a healthy note with a visit to the Market Shed on Holland St. It’s open every Sunday from 9am til 2pm…oh, and I’ve saved the best thing til last, you’re going to love this…. If you bought up big and don’t feel like walking to the car, catch a ride. Genius!

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