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Measures That Need to Be Taken Post Lockdown

The curfew has been relaxed in most places and almost near to normal activities have resumed but the threat of COVID 19 has not yet subsided. To ensure maximum normalcy in our day to day lives we need to make sure to implement the safety measures as much as possible.

Wear Masks

When going out of your house, whether it be for work, shopping, or even to your neighbour make sure you wear a mask. Wearing a mask not just protects you from breathing in harmful things but also protects the person you come across. Once you wear a mask you should avoid touching it several times, and never touch your face especially your eyes, your nose or mouth as these are the sites for entry of harmful things into your body. After removing your mask wash your hands thoroughly with soap and do not use the mask again. It’s always best to go with a disposable mask than washable masks.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands as often as possible using soap. Using soap is advised strictly as the lipid layer as their outer coating is destroyed with soap, in this case coronavirus has a lipid coating which can be dissolved with washing with soap. Hands harbor many different organisms which is why it’s important to wash it often. When you are going out make sure you carry a hand sanitizer to often disinfect your hands.

When Going to Places

Avoid going out as much as possible, even if you feel like eating from outside, make an online order for home delivery. But despite this if you still insist on going outside make sure you are taking the necessary precaution. Most restaurants have now adopted the distancing of tables to 1 meter and much as possible to avoid contact with staff or customers. They have brought forward best table self ordering app for restaurants where customers can browse through the menu with their phone application.

Even otherwise when going out maybe to a park to jog don the necessary clothing, and when you return before you touch or sit anywhere make sure you take a good wash and wash your clothes.

Many people who own groceries provide the service of home delivery, therefore you can place an order online and get it delivered, one of the disadvantages of this is you won’t be able to select stuff of your own choice. When your groceries are delivered wash them thoroughly.

In Case of Signs and Symptoms

If you develop signs or symptoms suggestive of the disease, contact the relevant authorities and isolate yourself from the rest of the people at home.


When visiting a livestock market, wear your mask and as often as possible wash your hands and discard the mask carefully. Avoid touching any animals visiting the market. Thoroughly cook the meat before consuming and wash the meat properly and avoid eating the undercooked meat. Avoid consuming raw milk and try to drink only pasteurized milk.

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