A’qto cycling tours: how the journey began

A'qto cycling tours: how the journey began

Every year, A’qto cycling shares the wonders of riding through Italy with small groups of enthusiastic cyclists discovering the region.

A'qto cycling tours: how the journey began

These tours follow in the same tread as the professional cyclists in the Giro d’Italia, winding through regional towns and villages, through the vineyards of Tuscany and Piemonte and up and down the challenging Italian Alps.

Riders get to challenge themselves, all the while soaking up the culture and cuisine. After a long day of riding through challenging trails, they’re given access to well-prepared meals and unforgettable experiences with the locals.

So what made Damian Hancock and Nancy De Losa take the plunge towards helping Australians take the next level for a cycling holiday in Italy?


A chance for opportunity


Nancy De Losa was born to Italian parents and had been running riding escape weekends in Australia with partner Damian Hancock prior to the birth of A’qto Cycling’s Italian Cycling Tours.

The pair made regular trips to Italy, but it was one chance visit in 2014 that laid the platform for these particular adventures.

On this trip, Damian decided to enter the ballot to ride in L’Eroica – a vintage cycling event that has since grown into a significant date on the Italian calendar for the classic bike scene.

His bid was successful, and the experience was so profound that he declared it the best day you could possibly spend on a bike.

Nancy and Damian were enjoying an aperitivo in Lucca shortly afterward, stopping to check out the responses to the blog posts on L’Eroica. In essence, Australian cyclists were in awe of Damian’s experience and wanted a similar adventure. This put the wheels in motion for A’qto Cycling’s offering.


Preparing for the first A’qto Cycling tour

A'qto cycling tours: how the journey began

Tuscany has always held a special place in Damian and Nancy’s hearts; Chianti is their Italian home away from home.

It was by pure luck that the pair found a gorgeous Tuscan villa just 400 metres from the start line of L’Eroica, where they met with the hosts and fell in love with the food, culture, wine and company.

This was when they knew that their cycling tours had to be about more than just two-wheeled adventures. They wanted to share the true Italian experience with clients, challenging them on trips through the Italian Alps and rolling hills, sharing the cultural and culinary wonders along the way.

The company would then become about taking the time to pause and soak up the complete local experience. From immersing people in the culture, through to exploring the serene landscapes – this paved the path to the business’s well-known success.


A challenge for cyclists looking to push the boundaries


For those wanting to test themselves, A’qto Cycling’s tours are challenging rides designed to take things to the next level. You will follow the same paths as professional riders and experience the highs and lows of the Italian Alps and rolling hills.

At the end of each day, everyone comes together to sit with local hosts and enjoy delicious Italian food and wine. Hear local stories and share experiences of the day on the road – the way Italy was meant to be enjoyed.

Keen to find out more about A’qto Cycling? Get in touch by calling us on 0411 543 433now.

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