Finding the right ballet shoes for the ballerina in you

A big part of being a ballerina is choosing the right ballet shoes. Choosing the right shoe is much more than just choosing a shoe because the ballet shoe for you must be just right for you. With all the great advancements that have been made, there are ballet shoes that are designed that will promote comfort, safety and will help you become a better ballerina yourself.

There are different types of ballet shoes. The best ballet shoemakers always give a special touch to each type of ballet shoe. To bring out the talented ballerina in you, the right Gaynor Minden shoes are of the essence. Let’s talk about finding the right ballet shoes for the ballerina in you:

Full sole ballet shoes

When it comes to classic ballet shoes, the full sole ballet shoe is noteworthy as it is timeless due to its original creation. These shoes are made for both males and females and come in the colours white, pink and black. Full sole ballet shoes are made from premium grade supple leather along with the outer sole which gives good resistance which will help to develop stronger feet. This is the reason why these shoe area ideal for younger ballerinas or even beginners. To make the full sole ballet shoe much more supportive, there is also an elastic over that will enhance the lining of the foot when worn.

Full sole Harper Ballet shoe

Another ballet shoe that comes with the full sole is the Harper full sole ballet shoe. These shoes are also soft and are a highly comfortable. The recommendation of these shoes is to be worn by an intermediate dancer. You can find these shoes in four widths and different shades of pink suited for your style and the performance.

Revelation Mesh Split Sole

If you are a ballerina in the intermediate to the advanced level, this is your choice. The main difference or the greatest feature of these shoes is the triangle-shaped mesh that is found in the shoe. This helps in creating an arch without hassle. Furthermore, when you are wearing these shoes, you will not have any issue with the airflow meaning that your shoes will be highly breathable. That is not all, the unique design of these shoes are slow profile and they create a clean-cut to your feet.

Revelation Tech Fit Ballet Shoes

If you are an experienced ballerina who wants your feet to be breathable when you are wearing ballet shoes, you should certainly opt for this choice. They are made from stretch canvas that makes the ideal fit for your feet. That is not all, the material makes the shoes breathable, super soft and highly comfortable. There are also other additions made to the ballet shoes that will create great comfort to the person wearing the shoes. A great feature of these shoes is that they are available in a variety of colours which suits any skin tone. Furthermore, these shoes are unisex.



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