How to take more candid photos at events?

Candid photos at events

Candid photography is all about capturing real and genuine feelings. And many people believe that it’s very difficult to capture candid photos in event photography. But you know what, the expert party photographers claim that the events are the places to capture outstanding candid photos.

If you aren’t satisfied with this statement, you must carefully read this article. Here we’re going to describe some information about how you can take more candid photos at events. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about how you can take more candid photos at events.

Shoot in Burst Mode

Candid photos at events

If you want to increase your chances of capturing that perfect shot, you must consider using the burst mode. The burst mode allows you to capture real feelings in a quick manner. And usually, you don’t have enough time to capture real expressions when covering an event. So, the best thing you can do at these events is to use burst mode while capturing photographs.

Try to hide the camera at a specific angle

The attendees will immediately change their facial expressions if they found a camera in your hands. Therefore, you must keep the camera hidden at a specific angle. Thus, you’d be able to capture perfect candid photos of the guests without them even knowing. You can even use the live view to capture perfect shots if you’re unable to capture perfect photos in the standard mode.

Lose the Flash

Candid photos at events

The flash will definitely keep the people informed that you’re capturing photographs. And they won’t let go of that fake smile as long as you are around them. So, you must eliminate the flash mode when capturing candid photos at events. Additionally, you’d be able to capture the photos in pure natural light.

Ask Questions and Engage in conversation

The best way to keep the camera away from the subject’s sight is to keep them busy in a conversation. The subject’s main focus will be on the conversation and they won’t pay more attention to the surrounding things. And that’s the best time for the photographer to capture the best candid photos at an event. You can ask your partner to hold the camera or keep the subject busy in a conversation.


These tips will allow you to capture real feelings when you’re covering an event. You can also use these ideas in several other places to capture the perfect candid shots.

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