Picking the Perfect Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is a big deal for brides-to-be. It takes a lot of time and effort to find one that suits your body, style preference and even the theme of your wedding. Once you’ve found the perfect one, the next thing looks for are accessories that would elevate the look of your wedding dress.

There are plenty of accessories a bride can choose from such as jewelleries, veil, crowns or tiaras, brooches, and a lot more. The main rule in accessorizing our wedding dress or even any other outfit is to choose pieces that would complement and not clash with the overall look of your outfit. Here are some tips you can try to make accessorizing a lot easier.

Match Metals with Dress Colour

Not all metals look good in every outfit colour. For instance, wearing gold jewelleries with a pure white dress might look too overwhelming. If you’re planning to have pure white as your dress colour, try going for more subtle jewelleries such as pearl, silver or platinum. It doesn’t steal the attention from your gown but highlights it instead. Gold looks best with ivory or off-white dresses since it adds more boldness to the overall look of your wedding outfit.

Get the Right Veil

Wedding veils are a classic bridal accessory. However, there are plenty of veil styles out there making it a little complicated when choosing one. One simple tip is to contrast the veil from your dress. If your wedding dress is simple, opt for a more detailed veil such as beaded or embroidered.

For gorgeous dress with lots of detail, a simple veil works best to accentuate your gown. The bride’s height also plays a role in choosing the right type of veil. For tall ladies, elbow or fingertip-length veil are perfect. Floor length veil look great on petite ladies. For more versatile style, go for shorter ones like birdcage or bandeau veil since these looks great on almost all body types.

Less is best

Accessorizing your wedding dress doesn’t mean you have to put in everything – veil, sash, earrings, necklace, bracelets, tiara and all. Before choosing the accessories, inspect first how your dress is styled. Be sure to pick accessories that won’t cover the highlight features of your wedding dress. For instance, if your dress has a detailed neckline, avoid wearing a necklace over it. Instead, you can choose a stylish pair of earrings or headwear to balance the look. Avoid overlapping styles to prevent an overcrowded looking outfit.

Wear Your Style

If deciding on your wedding outfit leaves you stressed out, the best thing you could do is to wear your regular style. If you’re not comfortable wearing jewels, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with jewelleries during your wedding. Go for styles that you’re comfortable with to give you that confidence and freedom while moving around on your big day.

Accessorizing your wedding dress should not be stressful but rather a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Take your time in deciding the overall outfit you’d wear for that big day to get that perfect look you love.



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