Plan A Surprise for Your Mother’s Birthday

A mother is the most special person in one’s life, she is strength, love and a strong woman. No matter how old we grow mother will be our priority and we will always be her children. The bond shared between a mother and a child is indescribable and she only deserves the best. The birthday of someone that special should be nothing short of great.


Throwing a surprise should be planned thoroughly start up first by writing out a plan, this should include the venue, who you want to invite, catering, the gift and your budget for the entire event.

The Gift

There are a variety of gifts you can get your mother. You can either get one or many. Clothes make wonderful gifts. They care something that can be held close and used for a long time, so if you know the measurements of your mother you can pick a dress that you find most suited for her, or a handbag, something the ladies like a lot, or jewellery.

Many jewellery stores provide customization of jewellery with your choice of stones and design. You can even make a montage of all your childhood pics with mom and family which is sure to bring the beautiful nostalgic feeling and reminisce those wonderful times. Or you can even get large photo frames with a collage of your family pictures.


If you know of a place where your mom likes to travel abroad you can book tickets for her and your father or take them on a road trip.

The Location

The venue differs with different people, some opt to keep it a home if you are planning to do it at the place where your mom stays it’s better to first have someone take her out while you decorate the place. If your mom enjoys the beach you can hire people to have the place decorated or you can even book a resort and have those people decorate the area for the birthday and take your mom there.


If you are holding the party at a hotel or resort, they provide food services and you can place the order for the cake separately. But if you want to do the entire thing separately you can have it that way as well. If the event is set for the evening you can have the cake cutting event with dinner or if it’s in the afternoon you can have lunch after.

Place an order to a good catering services make sure to look at the reviews before placing the order and don’t wait till the last moment to place the order. A cake can be customized to how you want so inquire if the place where you are making the order has that facility.


If you want to have a very closed birthday party just invite those whom your mother is close with and the immediate family. If you don’t mind holding a big party you can ring up many of your relatives as well as all your mothers’ friends. Another surprising event you can do is to call up all your mom’s old friends and have them surprise her.

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