Bowerbird Bazaar


There’s nothing like that feeling of being in the loop, or having insider knowledge of a fabulous find. Well, there’s a real buzz amongst Adelaide’s market coinsures about this place tucked away out of sight in the Old Queen’s Theatre. Just off Light Square, the Bowerbird Bazaar only runs over a couple of weekends a year, but a growing number of style mavens are flocking to this collection of local and interstate design. Of course Bowerbirds are renowned for collecting beautiful things with which to feather their nest, so there just couldn’t be a better name for this Bazaar.

Handmade clothing, furniture, jewelry, art, and creations beyond category. The women behind the showcase Rebekah Cichero and Jane Barwick have created something between a trade fair and an exclusive retail outlet.

Jane: It’s got a very friendly vibe I think and we’re very interested in small business as well and people who are actually designing and making the work themselves.

Rebekah: We say that it’s a design focus so its design driven wears that we sell, so we do really support local designers / makers in Australia, Nationally.

At Mrs. Fairweather’s Bicycle you can find something for ladies who don’t do lycra.

Briony: What’s the story behind Mrs. Fair Weather’s Bicycle Emporium?

Nigel Venning: It was a bit of an accident really, I restored a bit of hard rubbish from next door for my wife for Christmas and ended up with one of the bikes behind me, and friends and family said you should turn that into something like a hobby or a business and the bikes here are the first ten that I’ve done.

Briony: So, what should you wear to keep warm on your ride? Again, something way more stylish than the rest of the pillerton from Otto and Spike.

Stall holder: “I’ve knitted them for people who don’t want to wear lycra when they ride a bike but they want to keep their arms warm. So it functions, it’s exactly the same shape as a traditional lycra arm warmers except that it’s in a tweed knit and they’re just really comfortable.”

Briony: Bowerbird is also a great place to get the latest word on emerging trends from designers themselves.

Designer: People are moving away from just the plain black and whites and getting into a bit more spot colour. So incorporating that into the home, a lot more textures, being a little bit more adventurous. White is definitely gone I think, (laughs) well white to a certain extent but adding a lot more colour is a good thing.

Briony: And of course it’s a chance to try out some absolutely naughty fresh food. What is special about Careme?

Stall holder: Careme is made with all natural ingredients, real butter most importantly, and it’s not bad for you because it’s all quality ingredients.

Well I believe her!

Briony: Now this space has a past that is nothing if not colourful. Not only has it been a theatre but it’s been law courts, a horse sale yard, and is still till this day used as a venue for all sorts of arts happenings, full marks in the groovy stakes.

Bowerbird Bazaar will next be in full swing 28 – 30th October, just in time to start a little Christmas nest feathering.

And there are plans to expand it to a tri-annual event next year. Have a look at the website where you can also find a list of designers and examples of their work. And yes, even they have a hard time resisting the urge to shop….

“Some birthday presents and probably quite a few things for myself while I’m here so, I’m hoping it will even out with what I sell and what I buy.”

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