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Kelly: Originating in Hawaii, stand up paddle boarding is starting to gain huge popularity here in South Australia. And I’ve been told that it’s reasonably easy to learn, and unlike surfing within an hour or so most people are pretty comfortable on the board. So I’m down here at Seacliff today to give it a try. Wish me luck!

Nat Gohl has been stand up paddle boarding for the past 4 years and believes anyone can embrace this new sport… you just have to learn the basics and you’re on your way!

Although a little nerve wracking at first, once you are on the water you soon realise how stable the boards actually are.

A few strokes on your knees and it’s time to get that inner core working hard…. And up we go! Nat’s been an ocean lover all his life and actually lives on the coast. He believes our South Australian waters are ideal for this sport.

Nat: Stand up paddle boarding in Adelaide is fantastic, our beaches are quite still we don’t have large waves on our metropolitan beaches, so it’s not too hard to learn.

Kelly: I’ve only been on the water for about half an hour, and it’s easy to see how this can become addictive…. The technique is easy to grasp and I’m finding it incredibly peaceful out here… Best of all though, it gives you a great workout.

Nat: Well stand up paddle boarding exercises your whole body, so from your arms to your shoulders down to your core, and then your legs and your butt, so just to stand on the board all your small muscles are firing, just trying to keep you upright, and then once you start paddling, your whole body comes into play and it’s great exercise.

If you think you’ve mastered standing up on the board, why not mix it up with a little yoga?… Yes, I did say yoga!

Stand up paddle boarding SA run regular classes which combine two disciplines to further hone your balance and strength. Can’t say I’ve quite mastered it but it’s incredible to watch the pros and have a bit of a laugh at your own efforts at the same time! Like anything I guess – practice should make perfect.

Stand up paddle boarding SA are based at the Seacliff and Brighton yacht club…so why not give it a try for yourself. Contact Nat for a lesson or just hire a board and have a go!

Kelly: So you can have fun and exercise too? For sure, and you escape everything from home, leaving it on the beach, get on the water, and just enjoy what’s out there.

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