Save money on your blinds by going D.I.Y.

Save money on your blinds by going D.I.Y.

Without any doubt, the blinds can reduce your energy bills while adding a unique charm to your home. And there are lots of other benefits you can enjoy with blinds. But it will take a long time to experience that reduction in expenses because the installation costs are too high. And you’d have to wait for a few months to recover these costs. But there is a solution you can use to avoid the major installation costs.

Save money on your blinds by going D.I.Y.

You can consider installing the blinds on your to avoid the cost you were supposed to pay the blind installers. Based on the circumstances, the blind installers may charge you a hefty amount of money. Therefore, you should consider going D.I.Y. If you believe that it’s difficult to install the blinds without any experts, then we are here to help you out.


We have some surprising tips that you can use to install blinds on your own. So, let’s take a look at how you can save money on your blinds by going D.I.Y.


Measuring the mount

You need to use a measuring tape to take the measurements of the mount. Based on the design of the blinds, your priorities may vary. For instance, if you are installing DIY vertical Blinds, you need to add 2” extra to the length. But if you’re installing horizontal blinds, you need to stick to the exact size of the mount. Thus, you’d be able to find and install the blinds without any hassle.


Attach the Brackets


You can use a drill to make the holes in the wall. Make sure that the brackets are installed at an accurate level otherwise, you’d have to make new holes again. And it won’t bring any benefit instead of causing damage to the wall.


Install Head Rain and Valance Clips

Save money on your blinds by going D.I.Y.

It may take some time and effort to install the headrail and valance clips. But you need to be very careful about it as it’s going to ensure the long term use of your blinds.


Secure the blind wand


Many blinds come with a wand that can be used to open and close the blinds within seconds. The blind wand is usually not attached to the blinds. So, you need to install it safely. And then make sure that it doesn’t get damaged due to regular use. You can use the plastic covering to protect the blind wand from all types of damages.

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