An Alternative to Modern Kitchen Appliances

Not all of us would have the resources to buy all the newest appliances and cooking ware for our kitchen. It is enticing every time you visit any home appliance store and all the products are being advertised as something that you will need to make cooking easier.

However, if you are thinking you would not need to buy all of the advertised kitchen ware since you would only be needing the bare minimum and money is a little tight, why not invest in a pot that is not your usual pot because of its versatility?

What is this versatile pot?

Originating from Netherlands in the 17th century, a Dutch Oven comprises of a wide pot that is shallow with a tight cover to keep the heat in. The walls and base of the pot is also sturdy that is necessary to maintain the same temperature inside the pot to cook the food evenly. With this characteristic, this pot is also used not only for soups and stews but it could also be used to roast and braise meat, bake pastries, etc.


If you love cooking or if you want to limit the number of pots and pans that you are using when preparing a meal, this pot is the best since it will help you create an infinite number of dishes since they can be used in countless ways.

Not only will you be able to eliminate the need for a saucepan and a stockpot, you would also not need to use a serving dish or plate anymore since they are usually beautiful and colourful enough to act as serving dish. The handles on both sides of the pot will also make it easier for you to lift the pot even if you have cooked a large quantity of food in it.

What makes it special?

Aside from being a multi-purpose cook ware, another thing that makes it special is that it could be used to cook food on the stovetop or in the oven. Even if they are flexible to both be used on both heat source, a rounder pot is more appropriate for a stovetop and the oval ones are best for the oven. The oval ones are not only for baking bread and other pastries but also for roasting chickens, turkeys and other meat.

Is it worth the price?

There are those that you can buy at a more affordable price but they might not last for as long as you want. The affordable ones are made of ceramic or aluminium but if you truly want one that would last between 50 to 75 years, invest in one that is made of cast iron. Just be careful though since cast iron is heavy and if you drop it, it might result into serious injury.

This is not your usual pot since it could be used to cook food using various methods without affecting the food’s taste. You can sauté, fry, boil and bake and it is even famous for campfire cooking!

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