Deciding Between Burial and Cremation Services

Burial and cremation are two of the options that you have when it comes to funeral planning. Planning for your funeral and letting your loved ones know what you prefer will help them after your death as they can make decisions quickly and easily depending on your preference. And one of these decisions is selecting between a burial and a cremation service. There are many factors that will determine the final decision such as price, religious considerations, environmental considerations etc.

While cremation is thought to be the cheaper option, you may find that the cost for both can be quite similar depending on where you live. It is best to contact funeral homes Brisbane        so that you have an understanding of the range of prices available for all relevant services for both burial and cremation. When you consider burial, you have to think about the costs of embalming, choosing a casket, payments required for opening the grave and closing it. With cremation, you will need to pay for the process and also an urn or a crypt if you want the ashes to be buried. There are other additional costs to be considered as well such as what you are paying for the funeral service, viewing of the deceased and transport cost for the family. There are also a lot of official documents that will need approval which will carry a fee as well.

You need to understand the basics of a funeral service and the additional items that you can include depending on cost and personal preferences. Depending on the state you live in, the cremation laws will be different. There are documents that will be required before the cremation to authorize the process. The cremation process includes placing the body with or without the casket in the cremation chamber and the process will turn the body to ash. There will be some bone fragments left in the aftermath that will be pulverized by the crematorium staff to reduce it to ash as well. Generally, cremation is quite affordable and you will not be restricted with time. You can carry this process out in any location but not every funeral home will have its own crematorium.

The body will require embalming before the burial process and a licensed embalmer will be selected for this. One of the alternatives to embalming is refrigeration. After the service, the body will be transported to a cemetery. This will give some relief for loved ones as they can visit the place of the remains to get some closure or deal with the death in their own way. You can personalize the process as the family can choose the casket and the location of the cemetery. But there are certain limitations you will face as certain cemeteries will have their own rules. Unless you choose a biodegradable casket, the environmental impact of both choices is much the same. And cremation can cause some environmental pollution. Embalming uses certain chemicals that are a drawback when it comes to the environmental impact of burials but you have the option of not embalming the body offered by certain funeral homes. There are other alternatives as well such as donating your body to science.

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