Essential Vendors You Should Have on Your Wedding Day

A successful wedding day is not just a one man show. You’ll need a lot of help to make that day a success – from planning, to getting all the supplies needed on the day. To be sure that everything goes as seamless as possible, you need to gather a professional team of wedding specialists and vendors. You can be assured that everything is well taken care of on the day, plus you won’t be stressed out in the overall planning of this special event.

Here are the essential wedding vendors you should have on your wedding day.

Wedding Planner

Although you could do the planning together with your partner, nothing beats the convenience of having a wedding planner handle everything on the day. They are experts when it comes to planning and organizing weddings, you could be sure that your special day is well organized. Plus, it takes off a huge chunk of responsibility from your hands, giving you more time for other more important tasks.

Venue and Caterer

The venue and food are an important part of your event. Be sure to book it in advance especially if that place is in-demand. After deciding on the venue, look for a good wedding caterer for your event. While some venues offer their own catering services, you could opt to choose your own caterer if you prefer.

Bridal Store

You’ll need a good outfit that would make you and your partner stand out on your special day. Shop around for a good bridal shop and decide whether to buy a gown or just rent one. It all depends on your budget which wedding outfit you could get.

Photographer and Videographer

Of course, you’ll need someone who could help you capture those beautiful moments on camera. This is when a photographer and a videographer come helpful. It is important to book in advance since a lot of these companies usually work one event per day. Check out companies to know which wedding photographer in Melbourne is best to hire.

Floral Designer

Weddings will never be complete without flowers. Choose your trusted florist to help you out during the wedding day. You could choose from a variety of colour palette and floral arrangement styles depending on which one you want to have in your wedding – from the floral arrangements on the venue, to the wedding bouquet that suits your theme.

Hair and Makeup

Be sure to look your best on your special day with a team of professional wedding makeup and hair stylists. Book them in advance especially so they could plan out which makeup and hairstyle would look best on you.


When everything is set, look for a good stationer to take care of your wedding invitations. It will take time to make all the invites so make sure to book a few months in advance.

Cake Designer

Lastly, you’ll need a beautiful wedding cake to complete your wedding buffet table. An expert cake designer will help you out in choosing the best cake that suits your event. On the other hand, you could also suggest a cake design that they would create.

With all those essential wedding vendors, you can be sure that everything is well taken care of during your big day.

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