Things to Consider When Ordering a Topless Male Waiter for a Hens Night

A hens night is a night of entertainment and it can always get a bit raunchy as this is a big moment for the bride. There are many types of adult entertainment that you can order for the party and many party venues that are prepared for such an event.

When you are planning a hens night for a friend, one of the main considerations is entertainment. You want to make it a memorable night and so the activities of the evening have to be interesting and entertaining for this. One of the adult entertainment options that you can plan is to hire topless waiters Adelaide. It is a great idea as there will be eye candy as well as someone to serve you food and drinks. They will also make the evening more fun and help you have a great time. So how exactly do you choose a topless waiter? There are many strip clubs that offer topless waiters and stripper services. You need to understand the specifics of your requirement first. You may want the waiter to only serve food and mix cocktails or you might also want a strip show as the highlight of the evening. The preferences for the waiter will be different as well. You will need to decide the skin colour, build, body height, hair colour etc. of the waiter. You may want a Black, Asian or Caucasian male waiter.

You need to get the specifics together before you make a booking. This will be easy when you access the company website of the strip club. These official websites will list the waiters and strippers they have and you will be able to browse through the photos and get an idea of the physical characteristics of the stripper. It will also list their specialities as this will give you an idea of what the entertainment can comprise of. Some companies will not provide waiters that strip so if this is a requirement and you can’t find confirmation on the website, you can contact the strip club or the company to confirm. This will remove any confusion from the evening and leave you free to enjoy the entertainment.

Think about the number of guests coming to the party and the duration of the party. You need to make sure that everyone has some time with the topless waiter. As they can function as a waiter, you will not need to get additional people to serve food or drinks but if it is a large party, you might want to consider hiring more than one topless waiter. This will amp up the excitement of the evening and they will be able to work the crowd properly. You should let the company know beforehand about the number of guests you have so that they can recommend whether one would be sufficient or not. But you need to make sure that the waiter is not overwhelmed with the crowd. This will be stressful for the waiter and the guests will be waiting a long time for the drinks as well.

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