Types of Co-Working Spaces Available

Co working spaces are modern day collectives of freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking for a place to socialize and network while getting their days quota of work done for the day. Quite the special and modern arrangement. Now though many freelancers, startups and remote workers use co working spaced, the one feature that underlines all of their working styles is flexibility. And co working spaces have recognized that and have begun to offer all kinds of amenities and facilities.

Co working spaces have clearly come a long way since their San Francisco origins. Now if you’re looking for a co working space, do take a look into shared office space sydney cbd. They have a wide variety of amenities and features. On to the list of types of Co working spaces!

  • Conventional Spaces

Now even in co working spaces there are some models that attract more attention than others because they cater to a common need. And that model is the conventional model. Designed to be inclusive for all its members it has an open layout that focuses on collaboration. Usually well lit, casual, and comfortable, co working spaces are innovative and cooperative.


  • High End

Let’s say you’ve been a freelancer or remote worker for a while, your company decides to post you at a location that reflects your importance to the company, well that place would be a high end co working space. This place is nice. Offering snacks, entertainment areas, quiet corners, collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and more. High end locations are great to hang out in and can be plenty of fun.

  • Corporate

What is a corporate co working area? Well, this type of co working space caters to the more organizational structure driven space of yore. These places are often a lot more budget friendly than the high-end variety of co working spaces sporting less intense lighting and depending on the types of people that use it less energy. This is of course to be expected from a corporate environment. This kind of co working area may not be a great fit for a startup which requires plenty of innovation and collaboration, but is perfect for a corporate entity which simply requires steady consistent work

  • Minimal

Of course, co working spaces come in all kinds of shapes and sizes offering a variety of price points as well. The minimal co working space offers just that. Minimal facilities for a minimal price point. What do we mean by minimal pricing? We mean a seat and a Wi-Fi connection. And in most cases, that’s all that you really need.

  • Meeting Spaces

As entrepreneurs try to cut costs because of the pandemic and tough economies there has been a rise in the number of people simply renting the meeting room of a co working space to make ends meet. Rather than signing the agreement for the co working space, only the meeting room is used.

As you can see co working spaces come in all kinds of shapes and sizes offering different facilities. It’s up to you to decide what kind you’re in the market for.

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