Trailer Towing Laws for South Australia

Trailer Towing Laws for Southern Australia

The laws for towing a trailer can be different based on the region you’re working in. It’s not just about the countries but the laws may vary from state to state. Therefore, you should learn basic information about local rules and regulations before you start using a trailer. It’s really important for the driver’s safety. No matter whether you need information about speed limits or safety standards, this article is going to help you out.

Trailer Towing Laws for Southern Australia

We have a better understanding of rules and regulations that are designed for towing a trailer in Southern Australia. After reading the following information, you’d be able to protect yourself from several problems. Let’s dive into the details of rules and regulations that are important for towing a trailer in Southern Australia.


Speed Limit for Towing a Trailer with a Car


The driver needs to drive at a maximum speed of 60mph when they are towing a trailer on the motorway or a dual carriageway. And if you’re traveling on a road where the speed limit isn’t in force, you are allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 50mph. If you failed to maintain the speed levels, you’d be heavily fined. And in the extreme conditions, you might even lose your license.


The Size of the Trailer


If you take a visit to popular showrooms like Trailer Trailers, you’d find out that the trailers come in different sizes. You need to buy a trailer that is suitable for your vehicle. For instance, you are allowed to tow a 7 meters long trailer if you own a vehicle weight up to 3500kg. And the width allowed for these vehicles needs to be less than 2.55 meters. Similarly, the trailers that are longer than 12 meters are only allowed to be towed with the vehicles that are over 3500kg.


Weight of the Trailer

Trailer Towing Laws for Southern Australia

The engine’s power of the vehicles may vary, therefore, there isn’t any particular standard for the vehicles. You need to figure out the strength of your vehicle to find the most suitable trailer for your needs. Finding the wrong type of trailer might get you into some trouble.


Lights Required for the Trailer


Having appropriate lighting is a must for towing a trailer. The trailer needs to have two red stoplights, two red sidelights, and two red reflective triangles. These lights are supposed to ensure your safety and the safety of others when you’re on the road. Moreover, the white front reflectors are also mandatory for trailers that are built in recent years.

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