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Why Comfortable Work Shoes Are A Necessity

The last thing you want when you’re on your feet all day is blisters or body aches. Modern workplaces are highly dynamic and staff often find themselves traversing the office to find colleagues or walking halfway over town to meet a client.

It’s a given that unsupportive footwear causes immense pain to the feet and body (not to mention long-term joint damage). Comfortable work shoes for women are critical to your health and can prevent short and long-term injuries.

We have put this little guide together for you to choose the right shoes to wear throughout the working day.


Are They A Comfortable Fit?

The first thing you have to ensure is the shoes’ comfort. You want to know that they are the perfect size and shape for your feet. Feet come in all shapes and sizes, so you want to be certain they are the perfect fit for you. Shoes that are too large can mean your feet will slide around the shoe, causing blisters, sore spots and potential posture problems. Shoes that are too small can cause corns and painful toenails, as well as just being generally unpleasant.


Do They Support Your Feet in All the Right Places?

Your busy lifestyle means that it’s essential to have footwear that can keep up with you and support you throughout the day. Unsupportive shoes will force your joints to overcompensate and bear the full brunt of the hard ground. Supportive shoes have the cushioning to ensure both the heels and balls of your feet are comfortable and ready to take on the day’s challenges. They will ensure that when you walk you are stable and have less chance of slipping, tripping or rolling your ankle.

Are They Orthotic-Friendly?

Shoes that are comfortable and well-fitted are healthy for your feet. They will contain in-built arch support and provide the flexibility to allow for custom orthotics. Certain people require a little extra support but finding this can be difficult. You need a pair of shoes that can accommodate orthotics should you need them. They will keep you comfortable on your feet all-day long as well as prevent further joint problems that are associated with poor quality footwear.

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